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Travis Ferguson

Location: Vancouver, WA

Shop Name: GeeksterInk Legends Tattoo Shop

Bio: I’m geek for life and proud of it. I love everything involving comics, movie, anime, sci-if, and kung fu. You name it; I like it. I grew up in Colorado, and as early as I can remember I was going to flea markets with my grandpa getting craftsman tools for him and comics for me, which was anything and everything from Archie to ZOD. I would read them with my brother, and we would draw everything with my dad. As an adult, this culture has become such a part of me and my life that my beautiful wife arranged our wedding in a comic book store, and we named our day daughter after a strong female warrior queen from the comics. When the honor and opportunity to apprentice under Jerry "Darth Daddy" Patton arose, I packed the family up and we moved to Washington.

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