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Featuring Artist

Skip Katt

Location: Vancouver, WA

Shop Name: GeeksterInk Legends Tattoo Shop

Bio: Skip Katt grew up like any other kid in the 80's. Waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons along with playing Atari & Nintendo till his thumbs blistered were a way of life. Now, fast forward almost 40 years. That nostalgia is what fuels him. He loves to relive those glory days of tthe classics, whether they are movies, cartoons, or videogames.
His mom started him off in tattooing. In the beginning, it was just an idea., but now it has blossomed into the swashbuckling highjinx we all see today.
Skip: "I love doing color pieces! Bring me the 80's, and I'll bring it to life!"

        "Without my clients, I'm nothing"

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