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Featuring Artist

Jerry Patton

Location: Vancouver, WA

Shop Name: GeeksterInk Legends Tattoo Shop

Bio: In a galaxy, far, far away.... a child was born in 1980, the greatest nostalgic era of the century. Art bacome second nature, nourished by pop culture and anything geeky. He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars were becoming a huge inspiration in my art. I worked my first job in a local comic shop at 15 years old and was motivated by my surroundings. I was inspired by different artists such as Todd Mcfarlane, Jim Lee, and Joe Quasada. Action figures, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, cartoons and collectibles are a huge passion of mine, second only to my amazing wife and two wonderful children. I never thought I would be a tattoo artist, running a one of a kind retail/tattoo shop with my wife. Everything thing we had created is what I like to call a “Chris 51 Inspiration.” Being drafted by the “Alpha Geek” himself to help keep the “Geek Torch” lit not only motivated us but inspired us to reach new levels and conquer the cosmos. Saying that, we are here to bring the comic con atmosphere to a unique retail shop with nostalgia themed tattoos. We are all about family, fun, and being a geek.

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