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Location: Gosport, UK

Shop Name: Indelible Ink - Custom Tattoos, Gallery & Coffee House

Bio: I'm a motorbike riding, Jurassic Park-loving Tattoo Artist who started Tattooing in 2007. I work out of my own studio, Indelible Ink Custom Tattoos & Coffee House, alongside a few of my talented buddies. We are located in Gosport, Hampshire on the Central South coast of the U.K., which is also where I live with my loads-of-fun wife Hannah, our two awesome kids Layton & Lola, and our bear of a dog Pete :) Specialising in Blackwork/Dotwork and Traditional Black and Grey - I try where I can to work this style in with my love for Pop culture and anything Geeky. Being part of the Geekster Ink Legends & travelling the world with this awesome crowd of like-minded people, all doing what we love with who we love, is the greatest of things! Look for my banner when I'm working with my Geekster family (of course it's me with my raptors), and come say hey!

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