Geeksterink founders Joe Pomparelli & Chris 51

The Geeksterink Legends with legendary Firefly cap'n Nathan Fillion

Geeksterink Legends is now, well…Legendary. It is the leading tour of its kind, visiting the most cities with the biggest conventions. Proudly joining forces with Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Walker Stalker, Salt Lake City & Wizard World shows, the Pro-Geeks have now become the popular attraction at comic cons, tattooing thousands of fellow geeks over the last few years. They can regualrly be seen working on everyone from cosplaying monsters to celebrity icons. You never know who is going to drop by the Geekster booth.

With over 60 shows under their Superman belt, the Geeksterink Legends are now THE biggest tattoo tour in the world, so book your appointments for upcoming shows now!

Geekster Class of Philadelphia 2015

Geekster Class of New Orleans 2015

The legend begins in a small rural Oregon logging town called Springfield. Being from the true home of The Simpsons family, tattoo artist Chris 51 was naturally destined for geekhood. Jumping years forward, Chris 51 imagined a TV show greater than the status-quo. He created Epic Ink, a reality-comedy with his five best friends, forming an All-Star geek posse unmatched in the realm of fandom and art. The groundbreaking show was the first and only of its kind, leading Chris to several opportunities that he capitalized on, including an eventual meeting with Joe Pomeralli, the owner of the Geeksterink App. Together, Chris and Joe visioned a revolutionary tour, featuring the best geek-culture artists tattooing at comic cons to the best kind of geek clients. What started as an opportunity for fans to meet and get tattooed by the Epic Ink stars and attend panels about the show quickly turned in to something even more magnificent. The Legends forged their own brand and fandom.

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