As a prize for beating Chris 51 in a donut-eating contest, Heather has the distinct pleasure of slapping his freshly-inked tattoo

Chris 51 & Jeff talk about the competing monster and robot tattoos they created for two sisters in this scene from "The Girl With the Monster Tattoo"

EPIC INK clip: Heather smacks Chris 51's new tattoo. 2:03

EPIC INK clip: Sisters get competing monster & robot tattoos. 1:50

Working on a werewolf tattoo brings out Chris' inner "Twilight" fan in this scene from "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

EPIC INK clip: Chris Jones' Twilight confession. 1:54

In this scene from the episode "Welcome to Area 51" Caroline takes the entire shop on a surprise visit to where The Goonies was filmed.

The Area 51 staff throw down an array of their best alien tattoo designs for an indecisive client to choose from in this DELETED scene.

In this scene from the episode "Welcome to Area 51" Jeff delves in to what he believes to be the true meaning of Alice In Wonderland.

Chris 51 declares his everlasting love for donuts with a delicious tattoo on his stomach courtesy of Heather Maranda in this episode of "Blood, Guts & Donuts"

The Area 51 crew pull up their athletic socks & practice their cheers for a friendly rivalry against another local tattoo shop.

Heather Maranda has the honor of giving scream queen, Elvira Mistress of the Dark her first ever tattoo in this episode "Friday the 13th"

EPIC INK clip: Visiting the Goonies house1:24

EPIC INK clip: Alien Shark. 5:22

EPIC INK clip: Jeff thinks Alice In Wonderland is about getting high. 1:47

Enjoy the funny EPIC short clips below (click on photo to watch).  Full episodes are available on iTunes and

EPIC INK clip: Chris 51 gets a donut tattoo. 1:47

EPIC INK clip: Dodgeball Challenge. 


EPIC INK clip: Heather Tattoos Elvira


Based at Area 51 Tattoo in Springfield, Oregon, Epic Ink follows the crazy cast of tattoo artists on their outrageously geeky artistic adventure. A groundbreaking show that mixes reality TV with comedy and leaves behind the drama, Epic Ink is fun and inspiring for the whole family to watch.

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